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You are a speaker and would like to produce videos together with us? Then this is the right place for you!

1. Sample

In order to be able to record you in our database, we first need a demo of your voice in MP3 format. We have prepared a text for this purpose, which you can find at the end of this page.


2. Previous recordings

In order to give our customers an accurate picture of your voice, we need, apart from the 'Videobakers Demo', a few demos of already completed projects. Just send us three demos in Mp3 format.

3. Price structure

Besides your voice and the recording quality, the price is also important to us. Please send us your price structure, which we can then enter into the system.


4. Done

Once you have sent us all the information and demos, it will take about 2 weeks until we have entered you into the system. Then you will appear on the speaker page and under the configurator.

Videobakers Sample

Hello my name is YOUR_NAME and I am a Videobaker. We humans love pictures. No wonder that an explanatory video of us will reach your audience and turn them into real customers. By the way, I'm speaking in my normal voice right now, which I emphasize because I'm very flexible with my voice. I now present two more voice pictures to you: [short break - serious] Make the most of your money. We will support you in this - according to your wishes and investment mentality. From classic savings investments, where you play it safe, to high-opportunity investments, which can also involve risks [short break - euphoric] Hey Mike! Have you ever heard of this app that lets you order your food in a restaurant on your smartphone? I took the dish of the day and the food was immediately at my place. Just great! Did my voice convince you? Then you could soon hear me in your own video. See you soon, your YOUR_NAME.

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